Friday, April 29, 2011


assalamualaikum dear blogger and readers (: okay, it's been a long since my last post. kenapa malas sangat nak update blog alia? kerana.. MALAS. Nauzubillah.. ni lah jadinya bila "membela" perasaan malas. so, today, i decided to write a new post, about the IPTS' offers. well, it's been a "compulsory" thing to every SPM leavers, to further their studies, but the thing is, where could it be? some of us decide to further their studies in an IPTA's while the others prefer IPTS. (yup! maybe they came from a very rich and honourable families). tapi tak jugak kan? it is all depends on our very own selves to decide. i am sure that our parents won't bother whether we want to further our studies in either IPTA's or IPTS, right?

okay, if we were to choose IPTA's, i think, there shouldn't be any problems. BUT, there would be some problems if we were to choose IPTS. hurm.. okay, the very first think in accepting the offer from any IPTS is to make sure that the IPTS have been recognised by Public Service Department and Malaysian Qualifications Academy (MQA). okay, you may checked them HERE (:

and for me, Alhamdulillah, i have been offered in so many IPTS, but again, please, do CHECK the qualification requirements in EVERY programs they offered you.

as for me, i checked out whether what they offered me have been recognised by the MQA or not. and, Alhamdulillah, most of the programs had fulfilled the qualifications needed by MQA and JPA.

Diploma In Law and Syariah by University College of Islam Melaka

Foundation in Science by MAHSA University College

Foundation in General Science by Malaysian University of Science and Technology

okay, if it is totally up to me, i will definitely choose FOUNDATION IN GENERAL SCIENCE BY MUST UNIVERSITY as they offered me a foundation program, which means, i will finish up my studies in just a year. and, one more thing, MUST UNIVERSITY also offered me, jeng jeng!,


but, i didn't go for it. why? my parents said, "wait for your IPTA results." therefore, i think i really have to wait for IPTA's offer. i really hope i'll get it. 

==> and for my friends, i hope all of you will get what you want. may Allah shows the best way for us.


Aezudin said...

tahniah..byk offer ko dpt.. :)

nuraliasyafiqah said...

erk? tak lah sebanyak dia kan? ahah :D btw thanks (: